Thursday, June 21, 2007

Shifting Viewpoints...

This has been a rough, rough week - which followed 8 days of being sick. Monday, I received the dreaded "letter" from HR and less than an hour later, when I stopped at the PO to get the mail, the starter went out on the truck. Needless to say, I went home cursing the Universe and just crawled into bed with the covers over my head.

Then I read my brother-in-law Josh's blog and his words about positive thinking, choosing your point of view, choosing your reactions, etc. really struck me at my heart and soul. And so last night, after a long meeting with my Union Steward, I started back to Albany with one thought - "I want to be home." But, as I normally do, I stopped at the PO for the mail and when I went to start the truck, it wouldn't turn over. Instead of losing it and throwing a hissy-fit, I decided to just EMBRACE the moment. I grabbed my bags, locked the truck and enjoyed the 7-block walk to my house thinking the entire way - "Wow, this is great. The truck made it to just 7 blocks from my house before conking out. It could have been so much worse. Plus, it's a beautiful summer day and the walk certainly won't hurt me." By the time I walked through my front door, I was laughing and feeling lighter than I had all week - ALL because I chose to feel that way. Amazing! Thanks Josh!

Japanese Mascots

Two years ago, I bought this Japanese craft book on e-bay and using the patterns and pictures, created the 2 lemurs and their bunch of bananas and Mr. Piggy. These are tiny things - they average 2-2.5" tall only. They are really fun to make. I think making more will be one of my summer projects.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Where Jim Works

For the past 6 years, Jim has worked for Custom Trailerwerks located in Independence OR. He loves working there which makes both of us happy. Fred - the boss - is one of my favorite people in all the world. I love him.located in Independence OR. He loves working there which makes both of us happy. Fred - the boss - is one of my favorite people in all the world. I love him.

If you visit their website you can see a lot of the trailers that they have customized. Here is a mobile response unit that the did for Boardman (Oregon) Rural Fire Department.

Friday, June 1, 2007


I am so glad it's Friday. It's been a long week for only having 4 work days in it! LOL! I've been especially busy since I have been working on 4 different grants this week - 3 of which are due on Tuesday, June 5th. Grant submissions go in cycles so there are guaranteed times throughout the year when, as the departmental Grant Specialist, things are NUTS! Now, if these grants would only get funded. With the current administration in Washington DC the importance of research has faded quite a bit and the funding has been cut dramatically. This is very difficult and discouraging when you work in a department at a University that is more than 85% research. Here's to the winds of change blowing in a new and enlightened administration in 2008!

Tania and I went off campus for lunch today. We ran by the post office so she could check her mail and then headed to Taco Time for a quick bite. I had a Super Soft Taco w/ Chicken and 1 regular crunchy taco w/ a bottle of water. It filled the empty spot - without over filling it - but dang, I am starting to really feel hungry. (Oh, it's the first Friday of the month - maybe Jim and I will head to JP's for Prime Rib. Yum-O!) After Taco Time, we briefly stopped at the comicbook store so Tania could see if her "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" comix were in - Unfortunately, they weren't and she's going to have to get her "geek fix" some other way this weekend. LOL!

No big plans for the weekend... A little yard work, some housework, some laundry... nothing too exciting - but all of it necessary.