Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Season's Greetings

As this year draws to its inevitable end, we look forward to the new one with hope and anticipation of all it will bring... not only to our home, but to our family, our friends, our community and our nation! We face the unknown secure in the fact that we are not alone - that Jim and I have each other and, the abiding love and respect that has seen us through both highs and lows in out 14 years together and will most assuredly be the ever constant we can rely on from this day forward.

Reflecting back over this year it is all the good things we see with clarity and joy while the "not so good" things grow dimmer and dimmer. In 2008 we relished and rejoiced in my return to better physical and mental health, aided greatly by my new job at Oregon State University's Memorial Union. A job that brings me tremendous joy and satisfaction! While old friendships grew closer and deeper, new friendships developed bringing more laughter, love and promise into our lives. On October 24th, we celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary, while November 12th marked our 14th year together.

And, 2008 brought healing and a greater understanding and appreciation of personal growth, forgiveness, acceptance and love as I (we) reconnected with my parents, my younger sisters and their families. With a shared willingness to move forward came opportunities to revisit and renew those relationships with email, Facebook, blog entries, phone calls and even a couple of visits. I am indeed grateful to not only get to know my parents, Barry Jay and Margo Clift again, but also my six younger sisters: Lisa Clift, Chrissta Clift Hinze, Brandi Clift Devericks, Andrea Clift, Tara Clift Morgan and Jensine Clift Hall!

Love IS magical and miraculous. It warms hearts and homes. It heals. It brings light, laughter, joy and knowledge. It is a gift that is forever and without limitations or conditions. We just have to be willing to accept it.

Bright Blessings!