Friday, May 23, 2008

May is a Very Happy Month in My Family...

with lots and lots and lots of birthdays. And, since I have been such a slacker w/ sending cards this month, I thought I would take a moment and acknowledge all those I love who are celebrating this month!! May the new year ahead be full of love, joy and prosperity for each of you and may all your Birthday Wishes come true!

May 1st Sadie Clift, niece (daughter of Joe and Mariam)
May 7th Tara Clift Morgan, sister (wife to Byron Lynn; mom to Phoenix and Zion)
May 9th Benson Hinze, nephew (son of Chrissta and Josh)
May 13th Brandi Clift Devericks, sister (wife of Eric; mom to Amara, Sully & Finn)
May 15th Natalie Hinze, niece (daughter of Chrissta and Josh)
May 22nd Sully Devericks, nephew (son of Brandi and Eric)
May 30th Phoenix Morgan, nephew (son of Byron Lynn and Tara)
May 31st
Xander Hinze, nephew (son of Chrissta and Josh)
May 31st Curtis J Cole, bro-in-law (husband of Peyton)

(Whew! I hope I didn't miss anyone and I got all of the dates right! LOL!)

NOTE: Thanks Mama for helping out with the "holes" in my list - I had inadvertently left Mr. Phoenix off the list on the 30th and had Mr. Xander's b-day on the wrong date. Now, I think it's correct!!