Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Charms of Tea

It all began when I turned 43. As part of my birthday celebration, Tania and I went and had afternoon tea at a quaint little tea shop (The Charms of Tea) located in downtown Albany. The Empress Tea - our personal favorite - consists of multiple courses: sorbet, soup, savory finger sandwiches (3 different ones), a sweet plate, including a traditional scone with jam, lemon curd and clotted cream, and a pot (or pots) of your favorite hot tea. The tea shop is decorated in a Victorian style and is nice and quiet. It's the perfect place to sit and enjoy a couple hours of slowing down and relaxing. This has become one of our favorite things to do for special occasions, but especially for birthdays.

Since Tania's birthday was on October 7th, last Saturday, October 6th, me, Tania, her girls, Gabby and Bridgette, and our friend Wendy met to celebrate Tania turning 32 and to enjoy afternoon tea. It was, as usual, just lovely. And, the scones (my favorite part) were absolutely delicious. Especially when they are fresh from the oven and slathered with clotted cream with just a dab of lemon curd. Yummo!
Here are a few pictures of the girls - As usual, I was taking the pictures and so I am not in any of them. I need to remember to hand the camera off to someone else occasionally, don't I?

I'm already looking forward to my birthday in February when we will do this all again.

My best friend, Tania and Wendy

Gabby enjoying a gingersnap.
(Tania's oldest daughter)

Bridgette wishing I would just put down the camera & drink my tea.
(Tania's youngest daughter)

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