Thursday, February 14, 2008

National JayLene Day - February 23rd

"Celebrate" - Collage by JayLene

I am so excited! "National JayLene Day" is a week from Saturday - February 23rd. Cards and presents are appropriate! LOL!

FYI: This day is also sometimes called "National Chrissta Day" but in reality, Chrissta was born on the 10th Annual National JayLene Day. (And, was the best birthday present EVER!)


Margo Clift said...

And by the way, I DELIVERED THEM BOTH!!!!! Somehow being co-responsible for this national holiday.
Hope you both have a wonderful day.
Much Love and Happiness.
Your Mom

søren said...

Jaylene, you haven't moved in the past couple of years, have you? I have an address for you, a PO Box, but I wanted to make sure it's still the same.

Liona said...

Well said.