Sunday, September 2, 2007

I Know There's A Desk Under There... Some Where!

To celebrate the purchase of a new digital camera today, I thought I would swallow my pride and post photos of my studio desk - in all its unretouched glory. The photos reflect my common MO in the studio: I spend time organizing and cleaning and then I come across something that sparks inspiration and I start creating and within mere moments, the actual work area on my desktop shrinks to about a 5 inch square of space.

A Bird's Eye View

The Shelves (Filled w/ Shelves) Attached to the Back of My Desk

The less workspace I have the more creative I seem to become. Go figure...

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Margo Clift said...

A digital camera is a great purchase, you will really enjoy having it, I am sure. We sure do.
I think having all the materials we need at an arms length does stimulate creativity.
If you have to stop and run for supplies, something else gets in the way.
Happy Day