Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Job Interview

Although I am still on leave from my job, I have been watching the OSU Online Job site carefully for a new position to apply for and in late August, there was one. It was an OS2 (Office Specialist 2 - my current rank) position with the newly formed Student Leadership & Involvement organization. The position description was so perfect for me that I had to apply for it.

Last Friday, September 14th, I interviewed for the position. It was a great interview. I was interviewed by a team of 5 people who asked me about 15 different questions. It was a really positive experience and I left feeling really good about how I did and the whole process in general. They are hoping to make a final decision about the position by the first of next week. Keep your fingers crossed for me - I really think this would be a very, very positive move for me!


Eric and Brandi said...

Mom told me a little about the position and that you were interviewing for it. I'll keep you in my prayers. Good Luck!

Josh said...

you can dooo et.

Spiralmoon Studio said...

Thanks Brandi

All good thoughts and prayers welcome!

Hugs, JayLene

Spiralmoon Studio said...

Thanks Josh! I'll keep you posted...

Hugs, JayLene

Margo Clift said...

Good to talk to you today and hear first hand how the interview went.
You are always in our prayers.
Love Mom