Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A quiet, uneventful Christmas

How about all of you? Was Santa generous?


søren said...

hi Jaylene! Did I tell you this already? WELL, over at my craft-stuff blog, I made recipe cards out of the recipes you gave for shortbread, like eight million years ago!
it's all the way at the bottom of this entry:
I haven't had a chance to make it yet this year because my parents have been away and we've had to do EVERYTHING and been exhausted, I'm thinking for New Years!
Thank you once again for my new tradition.

Dhyana said...

hi jayley.. have found you ..!! and added you to my blog [dhyana] tho.its private .. if you want an invite let me know.
my website is still on .. hope to get an art blog going soon tho. it's up and named with no post it will be public. i can't seem to get it together!! hope all is well .. dont get too bored with all the quietness .. happy new year..
love sarah xx