Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jim's Turn at the Doctor's Office

Jim had an appointment with the FNP (Family Nurse Practicioner) at 11:00 this morning. Jim never goes to the doctor... but, for the last couple of weeks he has been having headaches almost daily which is not normal... In fact, in the almost 13 years we have been together, I don't remember him ever having a headache before. When he asked me to make him an appointment, I knew he was worried.... I'm guessing he may need new glasses... That's what I hope any ways. But to be honest, I am worried. He is my rock. My best friend. My soulmate.

Must think positively... but, prayers are being uttered this morning...


Margo Clift said...

As we pray nightly for all of our children, you can be assured we will pray for him.
Allergies are terrible right now. Allergies+Sinus=Major Headache. Hope it is something so simple. (but painful)
Love Mom

Grandpa Clift said...

Jay, We work in the Temple today and your names will be placed on the prayer roll.

Andrea said...

how is jim feeling these days?
is his headache gone yet? what did the nurse have to say for him. hope he gets feeling better headaches are no fun they hurt really bad. may God Bless you and jim and keep you safe.