Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Oh Yay! It's Mammogram Day!

Since having uterine cancer in 2001 - I'm now cancer-free BTW - I have also been very good about getting my annual mammogram. However, that doesn't mean I enjoy them...LOL! If you try calling me today at 4:00 pm PDT, you will know why I am not answering my cell phone!

Just a reminder to all you gals out there in blogland - take care of your health; do your monthly breast self-exams and if the time is right or it's recommended by your doctor, get your mammograms!


Chrisstamom said...

So looking forward to the good ol' boob-smasher! I am always encouraging my friends to take care of their beautiful bods! Thanks for giving the shout out to women's health.

Margo Clift said...

Will be doing that soon, myself. As for the (beautiful bod....) Not so much!
Oh well, it will be perfect in the next life.
Good Luck!