Monday, May 21, 2007

Update on Jim's Headaches

Jim's had fewer headaches since seeing the FNP last week. She did rule out any neurological damage or cause for the headaches - Thank the Goddess!!! We were both so relieved. She thinks he is having migraines. He is now keeping a headache log - noting the duration of the headache, what preceded the headache, food he has eaten, etc. She also suggested we lay in a supply of Excedrin Migraine plus she gave him a prescription for Zolig.


Eric and Brandi said...

Hope they can figure out the cause of his headaches soon. I had migraines for the first 2 years of my marriage, it about killed me! The Excedrin always works for me! Good luck!

Spiralmoon Studio said...

Thanks for the feedback. We were both so very worried about it being something terrible like an aneurysm... especially since he has just never had headaches before... even when he had a few too many drinks. LOL!



Grandpa Clift said...

Have you thought about going to a chiropractor or acupuncturist. You may remember that after I got hurt and had migranies for 8 years with no relief even with drugs the acupuncture cured my headaches and I have never had them since. Tell Jim to hang in there.